Drip Trays

We understand that bar space is prime real estate and we have developed a range of fabricated stainless steel countertop drip trays that will assist you in maximising the available space on your bar.

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Please Note: Purpose built Stainless Steel Driptrays and Bar Modules available, on request.

Refer to beer tower specification sheets for drip tray specifications.

Product Range




Driptray C/Top, 16” x 14”, Beveled Edge


Driptray C/Top, 21.5” x 14”, Beveled Edge


Driptray C/Top, 30” x 14”, Beveled Edge


Driptray C/Top, 35.5” x 14”, Beveled Edge

23- 1587

Driptray C/Top, 43.25” x 14”, Beveled Edge


Driptray C/top, 55" x 14", Beveled edge


Driptray C/top, 71.5" x 14", Beveled edge

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“We could have easily gone for cheaper options with our beer system; there is any amount of companies out there that could have provided us with a less expensive beer system. However, after we looked at all available options it was clear to us that Lancer Beer Systems ticked all of our boxes by meeting every requirement we had. We paid more and Lancer delivered more, we now have a high quality, high performance, easy to use low maintenance beer system that delivers in every aspect. The life cost savings are important to us and we believe we will recover the costs of this system very quickly – we are very pleased we decided on a Lancer Beer System”

Bret Johnson
Food & Beverage Director

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