Client: Melbourne Cricket Club and Fosters Brewing Group

Location: Jolimont Drive, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Industry: Entertainment Venues

Products: Lancer Beer Dispensing Systems including glycol tanks, chiller plates, beer python, beer connectors and fittings, gas boards, drip trays, fonts and importantly Lancer Multi Fill Units

MCG Stadium


The MCG, Australia’s iconic sporting arena and home of the Boxing Day Test Cricket Match and the AFL Grand Final, went under a complete restructure commencing in 1992.

The redevelopment included the profiling of the actual playing surface as well as redevelopment of the old Olympic Stand in 2004 and the Northern Stand in 2006 to accommodate the Commonwealth Games. 

The Melbourne Cricket Club, in conjunction with the Fosters Brewing Group and Lancer Beverage Systems worked together to provide patrons the best in beer quality and speed of service to cater for up to 100,000 people at any one event , at  any one time.

Their combined challenge was to supply beer to thirsty patrons in a minimal amount of time, as the brewer intended, ultimately making the patron's experience at the stadium a pleasurable one.


multifill system

Lancer Beverage Systems, innovators of the glycol chiller plate technology, recommended to the MCG and Fosters that the best solution to supply and dispense beer whilst catering  for the enormous crowd numbers was to install Lancer Multi Fill Units into all the main bars in new Great Southern Stand (formerly the Olympic Stand) and the Northern Stand.

Lancer Multi Fill Units are designed to reduce waiting queues and crowds in peak periods by metered beer dispensing via electronic flow meters, giving accurate dispense every time whilst maintaining beer quality.

Lancer Multi Fill Units are capable of filling 4 x 425ml cups in just 7 seconds.

The system has been a revelation and such a success that most major sporting venues around the country use Lancer Multi Fill Units backed up by Lancer Beer Dispensing Equipment.

In addition to the Multi Fill Units, Lancer Beverage Systems also supplied beer dispensing equipment into the corporate hospitality areas at the MCG as well.

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