Bavarian Bier Cafe

Client: Bavarian Hospitality Group

Location: Level 1, 45 Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane QLD, Australia

Industry: Pubs & Clubs

Products: Lancer Draught Beer System, Lancer Glass Chilling System, Lancer Soft Drink System (CCA)


The Bavarian Bier Cafe is the latest venue in the Bavarian Hospitality Group (BHG) stable. BHG venues include The Lowen Brau Keller and The Argyle in Sydney's famous Rocks precinct.  BHG imports German style beer direct from Europe.


The venue required a beer system that would dispense the imported beers at the right temperature, with correct head formation and be able to cope with a high volume dispense into both 500ml and 1 litre stein glasses.

The glassware also required chilling, without using valuable refrigerated cabinet space.

The venue imported their own Bavarian style founts which all required modification to suit Australian conditions. 

The last hurdle was that this system needed to be installed in a very non standard keg room that is narrow and arc shaped.

A 10 KW Everest Glycol beer chiller was installed to ensure the beer poured at the correct temperature and presented as the venue requested.

We installed glass sprays at each of the dispense stations that used chilled water from a Lancer Superchiller to chill the glasses.

All the beer founts were stripped down and reworked so as to suit Australian conditions.

The keg room tapping boards were manufactured in sections so as to easily adapt to the arc of the room.


The Bavarian Bier Cafe has now been trading for some months and is enjoying great success. With the focus squarely on Draught Beer the venues success has been enhanced by Lancer's ability to meet the demands of the client and provide a first class draught beer dispensing solution.

"We are very happy with the system and it all perfoms to the standard we required"
Rob Gibson, Venue Manager, Bavarian Beer Cafe Eagle Street

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