Aerie Restaurant at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort

Client: Ernest F. Mariani and Co

Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah (near Salt Lake City)

Industry: Pubs & Clubs

Products: Whaletail Beer Towers, Lancer Glycol Chiller Plate Beer System, Flojet G56 Beer Pumps, Fatlock quick connect fittings and adaptors, Glycol Manifolds, Overhead Gas Lines, Beer Manifolds.


We recently completed our first US draft beer system installation at Snowbird Ski Lodge and Resort near Salt Lake City, Utah. This project was conducted in conjunction with one of our distribution partners, Ernest. F. Mariani and Co.


Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort barThe draft beer system was installed into the bar area of the refurbished Aerie Restaurant, and consists of 2 x 6 beer faucet stations. Our fully flooded Whaletail Beer Towers, combined with our Lancer Glycol Chiller Plate Beer System, means customers are enjoying cold, clean and fresh draft beer, with almost zero waste.

The Flojet G56 beer pumps – driven by our oil free compressor – provide exceptional quality draft beer.

We used our Fatlock quick connect fittings for all beer faucets, gas and beer lines, to provide the venue with the flexibility to sell the beer in the system prior to beer line cleaning. This saves the bar thousands of dollars each year.

Staff can simply remove the beer faucets each night, eliminating the need to use faucet locks as stipulated by the state of Utah.

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Walk-in cooler beer systemResults

Director of Food & Beverage at Aerie Restaurant – Bret Johnson – is delighted with the new draft beer system, and says:

"We could have easily gone for cheaper options with our beer system at Aerie Restaurant and Lounge; there is any amount of companies out there that could have provided us with a less expensive beer system.

However, after we looked at all the available options it was clear to us that Lancer Beer Systems ticked all of our boxes by meeting every requirement we had.
We paid more and Lancer delivered more, we now have a high performance, high quality, easy to use low maintenance beer system that delivers in every aspect.

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort Walk-in cooler beer system 2The life cost savings are important to us and we believe we will recover the costs of this system very quickly – we are very pleased we decided on a Lancer Beer System.”

Images, top to bottom: Whaletail beer towers. Walk-in cooler beer system installation featuring chiller plates, glycol manifolds, over head gas lines, beer manifolds and Flojet G56 beer pumps.

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