Abel's on the Lake

Client: MCW Mechanical Services/Abel's on the Lake

Location: 3825 Lake Austin Blvd., Ste 201, Austin, TX 78703

Industry: Pubs & Clubs

Products: Siberian Elite Glycol Chiller Tank, 12 Faucet Goalpost Tower with Quick Lock Faucets, FOB Detectors, 6 Coil Glycol Chiller Plates

Abel's on the Lake opened in May 2009 on the water front of Lake Austin Texas. The restaurant and bar is well known for a friendly meeting place & is a great location for private functions. They have over sixty beers on tap including seventeen local brews.

Since opening Abel's on the Lake, the long draw beer system installed in their two bars had been costing the outlet thousands of dollars a year in waste due to a underperforming glycol beer system.

After contacting Lancer Beer Systems and discussing all options, the team at MCW Mechanical advised the owners at Abel's on the Lake of the advantages that the Lancer Beer System had over the competition: larger Remote Glycol Chillers fitted with a single High Flow Glycol Pump, Glycol Chiller Plates that maintain a constant beer temperature regardless of the walk-in cooler temperature, and fully flooded Glycol Beer Towers, that keep the beer cold right up to dispensing from the Faucet.

The installation was completed prior to Labor Day weekend, which is one of the busiest days of the year at Abel's.  The outlet was thrilled with the results, and as promised: the Lancer System is delivering constantly cold beer with less than 1% waste.

"For years our long draw draft system was a thorn in our side between
the foamy beer, and the constant maintenance headaches. After installing
the Lancer system our waste has been reduced to virtually nothing, our
customers are happier with colder beer, our staff is happier with less
headaches and our profits are up. It was one of the best decisions we have
made thus far."
                                                                                     -Ellis Winstantley
                                                                                      Owner/General Manager

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