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Lancer Opens Training Facility

Author: Lancer Corporation / Published Date: 26 July 2012

Lancer TrainingOver the past month Lancer has conducted technical and sales training for some of their distributors with representatives from Bevco, Advanced Beverage Solutions and Ernest. F. Mariani & Co traveling from as far away as Seattle, Salt Lake City, Oklahoma, Chicago, Kentucky and Ohio to attend.

The half day session provided the attendees with some useful insights into beer quality and presentation as well as hygiene, gas systems and CIP systems.

Other items covered included the features and benefits of Lancer Beer Systems, how to correctly size and quote a system and pointed out the advantages of using beer pumps as opposed to mixed gas.

No doubt the highlight of the session was the newly developed beer waste calculator that clearly demonstrated that a complete Lancer Beer System, when installed correctly operates with 0.5% beer waste. This is on average 20% lower than most venues experience.

This reduction in waste, depending on beer volume and sell price can save the venue thousands of dollars each year.

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